Double Bill


Sunday December 6th 2015
Club SAW, 67 Nicholas Street
7 pm

Co-presented by Ottawa Film Society

A screening of two exceptional medium-length films by acclaimed international directors.

Annette Assmy, Germany, 2013, 28 min.

Rebellious 15 year-old Tanja runs away from a group home for girls and meets Amira, who is being pushed into an arranged marriage by her traditional family. Both women are living in desperate situations and are looking for a way out. Abgehauen is a film about an unusual friendship and the courage to take risks for others.

Andrew Hinton & Johnny Burke, USA/India/Tibet, 2014, 40 min.

Former Buddhist monk Lobsang left a life as a spiritual teacher in the United States to create a unique community in the foothills of the Himalayas which rescues orphaned and neglected children. 5 year-old Tashi is the newest arrival. Her mother recently passed away and she’s been abandoned by her alcoholic father. Wild and troubled, Tashi is struggling to find her place amongst 84 new siblings. Can the community’s love and compassion transform Tashi’s alienation and tantrums into a capacity to make her first real friend?