Feature Presentation: Visitor

Accessible on our online festival platform July 24 – 25
Q&A with the director live-streamed Sunday July 25 at 2pm

Co-presented by Ottawa Film Society

Ibrahim Awara, Canada/United Kingdom, 2020, 55 min.
World festival premiere

There’s a need we have for stories, stories we tell ourselves everyday to keep a hold on who we are. An accidental encounter between two men demonstrates the depths of that need. A story is told – it starts with three knocks on a door, a mis-delivered envelope and unexplainable disappearances, unravelling a twisting mystery that when passed on, retold and scrutinized, blurs the lines between truth and fiction.

This film contains flashing images, explicit language, blood and violence.

Director’s bio:
Ibrahim Awara was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1991. His parents migrated to the United Kingdom when he was 3. He went back to study Mechatronics Engineering at the G.U.C. in Cairo, and eventually moved to Canada where his family have settled. He regularly travels between Canada, the United Kingdom and Egypt for work, family and film projects. VISITOR is his first feature film.