Passé Composé

Friday December 1st 2017
Arts Court Theatre
, 2 Daly Avenue

Co-presented by Ottawa Showbox

Ottawa musicians Merganzer and Montreal media artist Sonya Stefan present Passé Composé, a collaborative live performance based on the theme of transformation.

Stefan creates dynamic live images from a combination of damaged film footage and video feedback. Performing with disintegrating equipment of all kinds, from broken video mixers, to scratched and worn celluloid film strips, to glitched television screens, Stefan transforms, manipulates and overlaps projections in real time, creating a truly unforgettable experience. She will be joined for part of the performance by fellow Montreal media artist Emma Roufs.

Merganzer is the project of violinist Mika Posen, combining instrumental soundscapes, ambient textures and melodic interludes. Posen’s expressive compositions take the listener on a dream-like sonic journey. She will be accompanied on stage by percussionist Pascal Delaquis (Little Scream, Claude Munson). They will be using electronic effects to transform the violin and drums into a unique palette of polyphonic sounds inspired by Stefan’s images.