Strange Hours

Accessible on our online festival platform July 24 – 25
Q&A with the directors live-streamed Sunday July 25 at 6pm

Co-presented by Canadian Film Institute

Dare to be there for this late-night assortment of exceptionally weird, unusual and unique short films.

Kara Blake, Canada, 2020, 2 min.
Ottawa festival premiere

An absurdist take on the concept of re-wilding, COHABITAT imagines the home as host to a growing number of organisms gradually redefining our environment, whether we’re aware of it or not.

Julian Gallese, Costa Rica, 2020, 7.5 min.
Ontario festival premiere

A highly anticipated birthday is the talk of the town.

Livia Belcea, Canada, 2020, 7 min.

Being faced with endless possibilities can be paralyzing, but having the courage to make a choice will set you free.

Chiva MF, Mexico, 2021, 20 min.
Canadian festival premiere

A Mexican Huichol takes a solitary journey into the desert to find his inner god.

Axel Robin & Melissa McCracken, Canada, 2021, 8 min.
Ontario festival premiere

Inspired by the events of the Radium Girls in the 1920s, a woman’s body is taken through the motions of repetitious work and fatal radium exposure. As the bones absorb the green light, first with wonder and then resistance, the destabilizing effects sabotage the body, one fragment at a time.

Cameron Carver, United Kingdom, 2021, 19 min.
North American festival premiere

Chase Jenkins just wants to succeed. But why does he feel like he’s always falling behind? Part playful, part neurotic, part existential, CHOKABLOK is a surreal exploration of our obsession with achievement and the perpetual anxiety of trying to keep up.

This film contains explicit language and depicts the topic of mental illness.

 = local production