Feature Presentation: The Reindeer Keepers

Sunday December 3rd 2017
Arts Court Theatre, 2 Daly Avenue

(Per-Josef Idivuoma & August Sandström, Sweden, 2017, 1 hour)

The Sámi are an Indigenous people that have lived for hundreds of years in the Arctic region of what is now Sweden, Finland, Norway and Russia. Despite the European cultural influences to which the Sámi have been exposed, they and their culture have remained vibrant and distinct. The Reindeer Keepers is an unmissable and heart-warming documentary giving us an intimate insight to the everyday lives of three young reindeer keepers living in Sápmi. We join Inga Biret Márjá Triumf, Laara Persson and Ber-Joná Labba through hard work, family get-togethers, summer nights, Tinder swipes and a football match.